Need a library card?

Any resident of the State of Texas can borrow from the Cockrell Hill Public Library.  Just bring in a picture ID and proof of your current address.

How do I use a computer?

To use the library computers please sign in at the front desk.  Computers will shut down 30 minutes before closing each day.  Printing is available for $.15 per page. No color printing is available at this time.

Can I print from my phone or personal device?

Yes, You have two options.  
1. Open a browser and go to print.princh.com . Enter library printer ID 102308 and choose the document you wish to print. Choose your print settings. You can pay from your device or at the desk.
2. Download the Princh app for iOS or Android.  Open the document you wish to print and share it with the Princh app.  Enter library printer ID 102308 and choose your printer settings.  Pay from your device or at the desk.

Does the library accept donations?

The Cockrell Hill Public Library does accept donated books that are in new and good condition. We do not accept encyclopedias, magazines, or damaged items.  Donated items may be added to the collection, sold in the book sale, or recycled.

How to do I check out e-books?

Download the free SimplyE app from the apple or android store on your smartphone or tablet and register as a Cockrell Hill Public Library patron to gain access. See library staff for assistance.  

Access the following databases using your Cockrell Hill Public Library Card. Just follow the link and enter your library card number.

What databases do you offer access to?

A to Z Food America
A to Z Food America offers regional cookbooks to an exploration of ethnic culinary influences, from fun collections of historic cookbooks and television commercials to "how to" food preparation videos, AtoZ Food America has something sure to educate and entertain everyone.

A to Z World Food
A to Z World Food is a food culture and traditional recipes database for 174 countries.

Global Road Warrior
Global Road Warrior is the most comprehensive country cultural database on the market today. Featuring in-depth information on 175 countries, Global Road Warrior will give you a level of insight into each country that cannot be found anywhere else.

Lingo LITE
Lingo LITE uses images, text, and native speaker video to help you learn vocabulary up to four times faster than any other method.  Associative Multimedia Learning helps your brain associate an image with the correct word in a language without first translating it from your native language, for a faster and easier learning experience.

TexShare Databases are e-resources licensed for the exclusive use of Texas libraries and their patrons.  Start with TexShare for homework help, health or business information, academic journals, popular magazines, genealogy, or job and career development.
The TexShare Databases are funded in part by a grant from the US Institute of Museum and Library Services.  The TexShare Databases are a program of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, made possible by state and federal funds, as well as through member participation fees.

Do you have a Friends of the Library group?

The Cockrell Hill Public Library is seeking to establish a Friends of the Library group.  Friends of the Library groups generally focus on fundraising on behalf of the library, promoting awareness of the library, and recruiting volunteers for the library.  Of course, what your Friends group's goals are and how the group would operate would be up to the founding members.  As a founding member, you would be developing the policies and practices of the group and directing its ultimate goals.  This is an opportunity for you to establish a group that aides the Library how you see fit.  The Library benefits by having allies in the community advocating on its behalf.